Eating Whole Foods

  • Aneta Trusner
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Eating whole foods means eating foods in their natural state. We live in a society where there are so many processed foods that it’s easy to become confused about what constitutes a whole food. When you eat processed food you are getting the remains of food altered by refinement processes. However, when you eat whole food you are eating a natural food in its entirety. Oranges are whole food but orange juice is not.

Nutritionists and doctors have been speaking highly about benefits of whole foods for some time now. From a diet perspective, not only they usually contain less fat, sugar, and sodium but they are also more nutritionally balanced. most people know that processed food has many additives like colors, fillers, and preservatives to keep its freshness.

If it’s made in the garden then eat it. If it’s made in the lab then it takes a lab to digest.
— Kris Carr, Hungry for Change

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